Our mission is to transform construction with an innovative system based on a limited number of high-quality, prefabricated carbon neutral panels.

Who we are

We are a start-up company established to revamp the construction industry. Founded with a vision to transform outdated construction approaches, we strive to bring a game-changing approach with its number building block assembly system.

We strive for


The LynxCraft system allows the design & build process to take five times less than usually.


Total prefabrication of building blocks made of timber allows for great quality and carbon neutrality.


Automation of all proccesses ensures that Lynx houses are more affordable than the alternatives.


All panels in the Kit of Parts are prefabricated and made from timber, harvested from sustainably managed forests.

Our values

Our aim is to combine sustainability, quality and efficiency to give our customers a faster and more reliable route from idea to home.


We will become a dominant building standard and the biggest sustainable building provider in the world.


To fully industrialize construction and therefore make it faster, affordable, error-free and environmentally friendly.

Meet the team

Edin Ćeman

Lead Dev

Črt Jaklič

Lead Architect

Maj Krčar

Marketing Associate

Any Questions?

Ask us and we will get in touch.

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Marko Hozjan


Marko Hozjan is an economist with an MBA who has expanded his knowledge by running various businesses in many fields and achieved four small but successful exits. Marko also has extensive knowledge in real-estate development, since he was a CEO for three years of a company that did just that. With his progressive leadership approach, he facilitates the growth of the individual and the team.

Iztok Šušteršič


Iztok Šušteršič, Ph.D., is an expert in the field of timber construction and a CTO of TimberLynx. He is not only well-versed in the entrepreneurial role, but is also an excellent lecturer and researcher. Through his work at the InnoRenew CoE Institute, he has continuously monitored progress and collaborated with many experts to find new solutions for sustainable construction.

Mitja Furman


Mitja Furman with a masters in civil engineering, complements the team as a designer who draws faster than the rest of us can think. He brings his experience from Marles, one of Europe’s biggest timber house companies. There, he progressed from designer to head of the technical department and later to head of development. At the same time, he brings a lot of experience from construction itself, where he is able to solve any problem that arises during construction.

Edin Ćeman

Lead Dev

Edin Ćeman is an accomplished Team Lead and Senior Front-End Developer with a passion for fostering a family-like atmosphere in his professional environment. His expertise spans frontend development, team leadership, and the digitalization of the sustainability sector. He has a strong command of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GraphQL, and many others.

Črt Jaklič

Lead Architect

Črt Jaklič is an architect with a proven history of progressive projects. He is a key member of the team and has significantly contributed to the formation of the Timberlynx building system.

Maj Krčar

Marketing Associate

Maj Krčar is a dynamic and forward-thinking individual specializing in marketing and content writing. With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and ongoing Master’s studies in Business Informatics, Maj brings a fresh perspective to marketing strategy and implementation. His expertise spans SEO, advertising, data analytics, and business process management.