We are making the journey from idea to home fast, affordable, and sustainable.

What we do

We combine cutting-edge technology with sustainable building practices to transform how buildings are designed and constructed.

Our approach

Our approach empowers everyone included in the process, giving them architectural freedom to bring their ideas to life.

Speed and efficiency

We use a standardized 19-piece Kit of Parts, which enables building of single-family houses, terraced houses and multi-storey buildings. Total prefabrication of building blocks makes the quality much higher and enables record speeds.

Automation of processes

By automating the manufacturing process, we enhance precision and efficiency, ensuring each panel meets stringent quality standards. This approach facilitates the rapid assembly of buildings on-site, which accelerates construction timelines.

Sustainable construction

By opting for timber, a renewable resource, as the primary construction material, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions associated with traditional building methods. The system’s design minimizes waste through the efficient use of materials, and the standardization of components further supports this goal.

Technology behind LynxCraft

The LynxCraft software is an end-to-end approach to building design and construction, incorprating design tools with alghorithmic proccesing. It represents our vision of a more accesible, efficient, precise and sustainable construction industry.


The software interface is designed to guide users through the building design process with ease. Users can draw their buildings from scratch or use our design wizard to select the most suitable starting floor plan and further adapt it to their needs.

The algorythmic system configures the finite set of prefabricated panels to meet specific design requirements. It allows for the creation of a nearly infinite variety of building designs from a limited number of components. This way each design is optimized for aesthetics and funcionality.



Throughout the process the user is equipped with many insights, such as 2D and 3D models, real-time cost estimations, and finally the neccesary documentation for obtaining a building permit with detailed floor plans and technical specifications.

LynxCraft is direclty linked to the building component prefabrication. Once the design is finalised, the specifications are sent to our network of producers, who manufacture the panels according to the software-generated designs.


Sustainability Analysis

The software includes features for assessing the enviormental impact of designs such as building lifecycle analysis, energy efficiency, and carbon footprint. This helps the user make sustainable decisions throughout the whole design process.

19 panels, loads of options

Our system is built around a set of 19 main prefabricated parts. They integrate seamlessly to form the structure of a wide variety of buildings, from single-family homes to multi-storey apartment complexes. The finite selection of panels ensures mass production capabilities while maintaining architectural diversity and flexibility in design.

Floor plan examples

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